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What We Do?

The Jamaica Red Cross leads in a wide range of activities designed to empower and enhance communities to become more resilient and reduce their vulnerability. These activities are delivered across the various programmatic areas and include a mix of trainings and community interventions led by trained volunteers and staff .

Disaster Preparedness and Responses

The Jamaica Red Cross offers a range of training courses and educates communities about identifying their risks and mobilizing their resources. We are also one of the foremost responders to disasters. We provide food and non- food items as well as other reliefs services to those affected by disasters.


  • First Aid and CPR
  • Disaster Response Services
  • Disaster Management training
  • Community Based Disaster Preparedness Programme (CBDP)
  • Restoring Family Links
  • Compassionate Leave Arrangement Services
  • Psychosocial Support Services


Jamaica Red Cross undertakes a range of activities aimed at development of our youth, building community and civil awareness.


  • Red Cross Youth Clubs
  • HIV & STI Prevention Trainings
  • Violence Prevention Trainings
  • Community Service
  • Annual Youth Rallies

First Aid

First Aid training and outreach is at the core of the work of the Red Cross . The programme trains all persons in life saving first aid skills . To sign up for a training click here :


HIV Programme

The Jamaica Red Cross HIV Programme seeks to scale-up efforts in support of the national HIV Strategy which aims to reduce vulnerability to HIV and its impact in Jamaica.The Jamaica Red Cross through the various donors work in the areas of HIV prevention, care and support across various populations greatly affected by HIV and other STIs. Over 100,000 persons are reached annually through the various activities including, HIV Testing and Counselling, Trainings, Community wide outreach and media campaigns.