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The Jamaica Red Cross HIV Programme

The Jamaica Red Cross HIV Programme seeks to scale-up efforts in support of the national HIV Strategy which aims to reduce vulnerability to HIV and its impact in Jamaica.The Jamaica Red Cross through the various donors work in the areas of HIV prevention, care and support across various populations greatly affected by HIV and other STIs. Over 100,000 persons are reached annually through the various activities including, HIV Testing and Counselling, Trainings, Community wide outreach and media campaigns.

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As the Red Cross works to improve the lives of the most vulnerable, resilience building becomes paramount. Our programmes integrate both health, livelihood and social welfare in alleviating the factors that increase person’s vulnerability to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Youth, Sex Workers and Men who have sex with men have been some of our priority groups in creating safe spaces to respond to their needs.

Voluntary Confidential Counselling and Testing for HIV

Free HIV testing and counselling is offered to the public by the Jamaica Red Cross trained personnel. Volunteers and staff offer this service at events, in workplaces , through community interventions and by appointment at branch office.

To request HIV testing or other services contact us at : <insert link for contact > ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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Community Wide Outreach

Red Cross volunteers visit communities monthly to offer free HIV prevention services . Communities may request the Red Cross for health fairs or presentations. Our offerings include distribution of pamphlets, community walk and talk, condom distribution and trainings.

World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is commemorated on December 1 each year and brings well needed attention to the accomplishments of the various HIV initiatives and to remember those who have died from AIDS and reaffirm our commitment to addressing the epidemic. Over the years the Jamaica Red Cross has held national events involving the use of arts and craft as well as the performance arts.

Safer Sex Week

During the week of Valentine’s day ( February 14th ) , the Jamaica Red Cross along with local agencies scale up HIV testing and provision of condoms and lube in communities. In this periods thousands of persons are tested and sensitized to safer sex.

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Anti -Stigma and Discrimination

The Jamaica Red Cross has worked over the years to create safe enabling environments for Persons Living with HIV. A large part of the programme includes training persons on preventing HIV stigma and discrimination in the workplace, homes and wider community. Persons trained include Health care workers, Faith based leaders, community leaders and other key groups. Various campaign promoting Anti-Stigma have been led by the Red cross youth movement.



Partners :

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